15 Totally Awesome DIY Kids Toy Ideas – Part 2


Following on from '15 Totally Awesome DIY Kids Toy Ideas – Part 1' welcome to part 2 of the post. Whether you have already had a try at making some of the awesome toys in the first part or are still just looking for ideas, we are sure that part 2 will spark your imagination! See just how easy it is to create toys with stuff you have laying around the house and have lots of fun! Enjoy. 


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Kids love cardboard boxes so why not make a cool collapsible den from one you have just laying around the house?

cardboard box den


Bathtub art is so much fun with these homemade puffy paints which won't stain your tiles! Instructions here.  

girl painting wall


This giant outdoor chalkboard is fun for all the family! Instructions here.     

boy giant chalkboard


Why not make an awesome pool noodle race track for racing marbles!     

pool noodle kids


Any kid will love their own red play kitchen! Instructions here.  

red play kitchen


Or how about a white one? Instructions here.  

white kitchen


Using a cardboard box and lots of imagination, you can create something magical!  

puppet theater


Make a dollhouse from some old furniture…

dollhouse girl



or make an easy no-fuss dollhouse with an old CD shelf.

cd shelf dollhouse


But you could also make your own dollhouse from scratch! Instructions here.  



Create a water wall with some old recyclables! 

kids water play recyclables


DIY Mario levels, let your creativity run wild with this one!  

boy mario levels


Use old paper towel rolls to make a marble slide.      

paper towel roll marble slide


A refrigerator box makes an awesome slide!

box slide kids


Make a cool tool bench from an old nightstand. Instructions here.

kids tool bench


Don't forget to check out Part 1 of this post below:
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