Proud Parents Share Inspiring Photos Of Their Kids’ Good Deeds

For parents, there’s nothing more rewarding than to see your kids grow up to become genuinely good people. How a man lives his life reflects how his parents brought him up to this world. Above all, children learned from their parents more than from anyone else. So if parents do good deeds, children will follow suit. Besides, our children are reflection of us. And their achievements are also our achievements. Here are some inspiring stories of how some children brought honor to their proud parents.



This dog is scared of the thunder so this 2-year-old boy brought a blanket and water for his canine friend. He then started talking to the dog to comfort him, telling him everything will be okay.


The guy in the middle got his PhD and he dedicates his achievement to his dad (seated behind him). His dad was a janitor and he couldn’t be more proud of his son’s attainment of his goals.


A single dad’s favorite color is green. So when he comes home from work feeling exhausted, his daughter knows how to cheer him up.


This boy asked his father to make sandwiches with the money he saved. On Christmas Eve, he again asked his father to distribute the sandwiches to the homeless people.

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When a family moved out from home, their 6-year-old son packed the most important thing he hase, his dog.


This boy asked his mom if he could bring lunches to school. When asked why, he said he’s going to give them to his classmates who didn’t have lunches at school.


An ill mother wasn’t able to attend her daughter’s graduation. So the daughter chose to share this memorable moment with her mother.


Proud parents are happy parents. Show your gratitude to your parents by doing good deeds.


With hard work and patience, this boy finally caught a fish by himself as a gift to his dad for Father’s Day.


“My son asked if he could walk to the bus stop a bit earlier than usual today because another little boy was standing there getting drenched.”


A dad is teaching his son how to change a tire. Teaching your kids about adult tasks early on will pay off in the near future.


A man was depressed when his wife left him. When he returned home one night, he found his 9-year-old daughter cooking in the kitchen. And as she was preparing his food, she made a promise to take good care of him.


This 13-year-old boy grows out his hair for 2 years and had it cut. He then donates his hair to a company that makes wigs for children with hairloss. He’s been doing it for 6 years.


On her 6th birthday, she wished to give foods for hungry people. Her proud parents made sure she got her birthday wish.


A 7-year-old boy received $40 from his dad and told him to buy anything he wants. He spent the money to buy these goodies from a grocery store. And a $5 flowers for his mom.


This farmer sold everything he had to get his son to college. Getting to see his son graduate was the most valuable possession he can ever have.

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