People Share What It’s Like To Be In A Three Way Relationship

Being in a three way relationship is something that you hear about way less often than ‘standard’ relationships. However, many of them exist and you might be surprised to learn what being in a triad/throuple is really like. Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but many people feel that being in a three way relationship has a huge amount of benefits and positives. Below we have some first hand accounts from people describing their triad relationships. Take a look and see what you make of it all!
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Some people feel that in a three way relationship, you’re less likely to ever feel lonely. 

Just like in ‘normal’ relationships, each person brings something to the table. 

There’s often friendships intertwined in the relationships. 

One issue that can arise… 

As long as everyone’s happy and the husband didn’t comply due to pressure, we don’t see the problem! 

It’s not always plain sailing… 

Each to their own. This person sounds very happy with their life. 

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Most people think triad relationships never last, but sometimes they do!

Hiding something like this can’t be easy! 

Things can take a daunting turn…

We can understand the suggestion… 

Life is full of surprises! 

This might sound bonkers to you, but to some, it’s their perfect life! 

We bet there would be some interesting reactions! 

But, if the other person does the same thing, isn’t someone torn in the middle?