15 Of The Most Luxurious Bath Tubs You Have Ever Seen

If you’re someone who loves showers and hates baths, this post probably won’t be that appealing to you. However, if you’re someone who likes nothing more than having a long soak in that special part of your home that brings you peace and calm, you’re going to love it! Most of us have pretty standard bath tubs, they do the job and we don’t really complain. But, there are so many incredible designs and styles of bath tubs that some people around the world are lucky enough to enjoy. Take a look! 

The Double Tub

Finally you can bathe with your loved ones without the both of you having to feel cramped! 

Luxurious Bath Tubs bath tub for two

Isolated Tub With Panoramic Views

Gaze out at some beautiful scenery whilst having a relaxing soak in this awesome tub. 

Luxurious Bath Tubs city views


Although they don’t really have any other purpose than being decorative, the curtains certainly add a sense of luxury to this bathing area. 

Luxurious Bath Tubs curtains

Mood Lighting

Lighting is so important for setting an ambiance. With these spotlights, you can adjust the lighting to your personal preferences. 

Luxurious Bath Tubs feature lighting

Gold Tub

Unless you go for a gold spray paint, you’ll be looking at a very high cost for this luxurious bath tub!

Luxurious Bath Tubs gold

Hanging Tub

It’s like sitting in a hammock full of water. 

Luxurious Bath Tubs hammock bath tub

Outside Tub

For those that enjoy nature but like a few home comforts, this awesome outdoor tub is perfect! 

Wall Decal

You can give your tub a personality by using a wall decal to create a certain look. 

Luxurious Bath Tubs octopus

Sectioned Off

This bath tub beholds its own special area of the bathroom. Situated by the window, you will get a lot of glorious, natural light and lovely views! 

Luxurious Bath Tubs romantic

Shoe Tub

This takes being shoe-obsessed to a whole new level. 

Luxurious Bath Tubs shoe shaped

Suspended Ball

You’d have to be pretty comfortable in your own skin to bath in this transparent, hanging tub! It looks super cool but you aren’t offered much privacy and we’re not sure how comfortable it would be… 

Luxurious Bath Tubs suspended ball

Swimming Pool Tub

Most of the tubs you see are above ground. Why not break the trend and build one into the floor? You’ll always feel like you’re in a swimming pool! 

Luxurious Bath Tubs swiming pool

Transparent Tub

Once again, this doesn’t offer a lot of privacy, however, we would definitely give this tub a try! 

Luxurious Bath Tubs transparent

Wooden Barrel Tub

This may not look that luxurious at first glance, but we are sure that the finish, and the quality of the materials, is excellent. Also, this is perfect for those who like a deep bath as there’s plenty of space in there. 

Luxurious Bath Tubs wooden barrel

Wood Tub

We’ve never actually seen someone with a wood tub in their home before! We wonder what it’s like to maintain?

Luxurious Bath Tubs wooden tub