10 Real Life Customer Queries From Vacationers That Are Absolutely Hilarious


Going on vacation can be stressful. There's all the arrangements to consider, including flights, accommodation, local currency, rental cars, airport transfers… you know the drill! Some of us are definitely better at organizing that sort of stuff than others. And, some people have far more experience when it comes to traveling. Nothing proves our last point more than the following real life customer queries, made by the silliest travelers you'll ever hear of! Take a look!


A man was reminded that he needed a visa for his upcoming trip to China. He claimed he didn't. When the travel agent assured him he most definitely did, the customer got angry, saying 'Look I've been to China four times and every time they've accepted my American Express'!



A woman called an agent and said this: 'I need to fly Pepsi Cola on one of those computer planes'. She meant Pensacola, on a commuter plane. LOL!



A man called his travel agent from the airport asking how to know which plane to get on. He was asked to give his flight number to which he replied, '823. But, none of the planes have numbers on'!



A man called his travel agent and asked if it was possible to see England from Canada!



A guy enquired about renting a car in Dallas, but he only had a one hour stopover there. He told the agent he had heard it was a big airport and he wanted to drive to his departure gate.




A furious man complained about his hotel room, because it didn't have an ocean view. But, he was in Orlando!



A woman phoned a flight agent keen to book a flight to Cape Town. As the agent explained all the details, the woman said 'I don't want you to look stupid, but I have to tell you Cape Town is in Massachusetts'!


A woman asked a travel agent if it would be a good idea to take a train to Hawaii!



Someone asked an airline for an aisle seat as she didn't want her hair messed up from sitting by the window!



After returning from her holiday, a woman called the airline and accused them of putting a physical description on her checked baggage. This was because when she collected her bag she noticed it had 'FAT' on it. The amused airline worker explained that 'FAT' was the city code for Fresno, the woman's destination!


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