Phillip Sterns Has Created A Chandelier Which Reacts To Radioactivity


Brooklyn based Phillip Stearns has created an incredible light installation which responds to radiation and radioactive particles in its environment. Consisting of 92 Geiger counters each connected to LED lamps, when radioactivity is detected the counters click and lamps flash for a moment. Interestingly, the formation of lights is based on how electrons are positioned within an atom of Uranium. It took Stearns over 6 months to complete the project which he hopes to tour internationally over the coming months. Currently on display at the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY until April 2015, the piece offers a great deal of food for thought. 


Stearns came up with the project idea after the Fukishima disaster. He says,

"I wanted to create a place where we can reflect on the impacts, both positive and negative, of humanity’s use of atomic technologies. Also, to remind us that radiation and radioactivity are naturally occurring at the creation and continuation of life as we know it."

Website: PhillipDavidStearns








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