Gambino The Cat Says “Well, Hi” In A Southern Accent

Cats don’t speak human language but they typically use voice signals to communicate with humans. Sometimes, they utter human words by a mere chance. Just like when this cats says “Well, Hi” and in a Southern accent to boot. Gambino Bambino, an 8-year-old tabby, surprised the internet when his proud owner recorded him speaking what sounds like an unexpected greeting.

Meowing and hissing is a cat’s way of expressing its emotion. Whether they’re annoyed, hungry, scared or just longing for attention, they will let you know through vocalizations. And since cats are full of surprises, they tend to create words that sound so familiar to us. How many times have you heard your cat says “No!” or even more elaborate words such as “Hungry” or “Nothing”? The truth is, some cats can actually mimic the words they often hear from their humans. And they might even learn to understand the meaning of these words.


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gambino bambino cat says well hi


gambino bambino

Coincidence or just something misheard, it always takes us by surprise every time we hear cats speak our language. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they can learn to talk. Their mouths and vocal chords are different from humans and they’re not capable of speaking human language on a regular basis. They may occasionally utter familiar words but that’s just their way of imitating their owners. But still, they’re the cutest when they try to sound like us.

Gambino Bambino is the latest kitty craze on social media right now. When his owner was recording a video of him, Gambino tried to run away from the camera and hides in a corner. Unaware that his owner has already caught up to him, he seemed to have been taken aback as he raised his head and saw his owner. On the video, we can clearly hear the kitty say hi in a thick Southern drawl. And we’ve got to admit, this is the cutest cat video we’ve seen this year.

gambino bambino the talking cat


cat says well hi in a southern accent


gambino bambino the viral talking cat


gambino bambino tabby


Watch the video below and listen as the cat says “Well, Hi” quite clearly



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