Hilarious Things That You’d Only See On Tinder – Part 2


There’s nothing inherently wrong with Tinder. In fact, it can be an excellent way to date and meet new people. However, there are some classic things about Tinder that might make you roll your eyes, like people using really bad pickup lines or trying to move way too fast. The resulting conversations can be very amusing for the outsider, though! Here are another twelve funny things that you’d only see on Tinder. Check them out and feel free to share any funny Tinder stories of your own in the comment section.



Oh, to be able to see the future…


Or maybe it’s the real Jeb Bush in disguise.


It’s a pretty catchy name!


We hope they’re not being serious.


Is there any other reason to want a man in your life?


You don’t want to give away your best ideas.


Um, yes… no reason at all.



Ugh. No, thank you.


Well, we love guacamole.


It takes all sorts.


It’s good to have a backup.



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