Moms Share Their Thoughts About Receiving Epidural During Childbirth

Women are miracle maker because giving birth is a miracle. One form of life is conceived inside a woman’s body and childbirth is a unique event showing the power of nature. For this miracle to realize, the pain of labor comes with it. Most moms must have known this but giving birth is extremely agonizing, physically and mentally. However, the emergence of modern medical knowledge paved way for the different forms of drug administration to relieve and ease pain caused by childbirth. Until now, the use of epidural during childbirth has raised concerns and debates whether or not it is appropriate to eliminate something that is a crucial part of childbirth – the pain.


These moms chose to receive epidural during childbirth and here’s what they have to say about this.



The unpredictable risks of childbirth.

No pain, only pressure.

To make the right choice, follow your heart.

There’s no need to suffer from the pain.

Pain is inevitable.

There’s no harm in choosing the easy way.

Motherhood is measured by the way you raise and guide your children throughout their lives, not by the method of giving birth.

Some women can tolerate pain better than others, but that doesn’t make them tougher than those who chose the painless way.

Free yourself from the pain.

Every drug has its associating side effects.

The effects of a drug may vary from person to person.

Labor pain successfully managed.

Why go through the pain when you have the alternative to avoid it?

At least it alleviated the excruciating pain of childbirth.

It doesn’t make you less of a mother.

The aftereffect that comes with it.

There are drugs that don’t work for some people.

That is something only you can describe.

Labor comes on suddenly, sometimes without a warning.

Unbearable pain can turn anyone into monsters.