Adorable Illustrations Of A Little Round Owl Who Loves To Play Dress Up


Magdalena Ruta is a graphic designer, architect and illustrator from Cracow, Poland. Although, as a Jack of all trades, she clearly must be busy, she's found the time to create this adorable illustrations of a little round owl. The owl's name, 'Sowulka', comes from two words in Polish… "sowa," which means owl, and "kulka," which means ball. Once you see him, this is certainly a name that makes sense! But, 'Sowulka' isn't any old owl who just likes to fly around and hoot and eat mice and whatnot… he clearly has a penchant for cosplay. In fact, you'll see him dressed up in all kinds of outfits from 'Batman' to 'Heisenberg' from 'Breaking Bad'. However, even when he's dressed as the most badass characters, he still looks cute as a button. Check it out!

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We love Sowulka and his adorable little outfits. What do you think he should dress up as next?

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