12 Hilarious Comic Strips That Are Totally Relatable


Everybody likes to know that they’re not alone in the world and other people share their thoughts and opinions. It makes people feel validated and like there are other folks who understand them. That’s why we love these amusing comic strips from Nathan W, Pyle so much. We can entirely relate to them, which makes us feel like someone else gets us! They cover the sort of scenarios most of us face in day to day life, but in much funnier ways than we could express them. Check out these twelve hilarious comic strips that are totally relatable. 



This is why you’re always losing your spoon in the soup.


When you have to laugh through the pain.


Small plate logic.


When you’re trying to explain what it was like to have dial up.


There’s always that one weirdo.


When you have to admit your mom was right all along.


Every time.


When nobody understands your pain.


When you thought the morning commute couldn’t get any worse.


It’s never going to make you feel better…


When you can’t balance milk and cookies equation.


When you’re not sure if it’s a date.

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