Funny Doormats That Are Probably A little Too Honest

Unexpected guests really do come at the worst times. Coming home from work, all we need is a relaxing ‘me’ time while we sip a can of ice-cold beer with our pants off, if not totally naked. Then out of the blue, the doorbell rings and there’s no way to let your visitors know of your current situation. If you’re really fast, you can put your pants on in less than 30 seconds. But most of us would take up even a minute to put them on.

While there are no shortcuts in putting on pants, you can let your visitors wait a little bit longer by letting them know exactly what you’re up to. Etsy seller bearfoxsea offers this doormat with a funny label that reads “Hold On We’re Probably Not Wearing Pants.” Yes, the not wearing pants doormat is a thing and you can have it too.

not wearing pants doormat


Whether you want your guests to know the truth or you just want to make them laugh, this not wearing pants doormat won’t let you down. Nothing says ‘welcome’ better than a quippy joke right at the door. More importantly, this doormat isn’t just a gag item. Each doormat is handmade using coir fiber (coconut fiber) known for its durability and rigidity. The mat contains thousands of firm fiber bristles that easily scrub dirt and grime off your shoes. Plus, the natural coconut fibers are resistant to mold and mildew. The back is made from PVC (vinyl) and the label is hand-painted (not spray-painted)  Plus, the labels are coated with UV resistant spray paint to prevent the labels from fading. Each doormat measures 18 inches long and 30 inches wide with a thickness of 5/8 inches.

etsy not wearing pants doormat


hold on we are probably not wearing pants doormat


etsy hold on we are probably not wearing pants doormat


etsy bearfoxsea not wearing pants doormat

Do you have a better joke in mind? If the not wearing pants doormat isn’t to your liking, you can opt for the custom design doormat. Offered by the same seller, you can add your personalization details and let them write it on your doormat. Get a giggle from your visitors with the not wearing pants doormat or with your personalized design on Etsy now.

custom design doormat


funny custom design doormat etsy


custom design doormat etsy


custom design doormat etsy cat hair

Get yours today on Etsy or you can pick up a similar one on Amazon.