11 Images Showing Incredible Works Of Elephant Street Art You Will Love

If you’re a fan of elephants, then you’re absolutely going to love this post! Talented graffiti artist Falko had a mission that was to take place all around South Africa. Falko’s project, titled ‘Once Upon A Town’, was carried out in the hopes of changing the perceptions of the locals in each area. As you’ll see, most of his awesome works of art incorporate items from the real world such as windows or lights. It’s hugely commendable when people use their talents to try and improve other people’s lives. Take a look!
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No longer just an ugly skip. And, check out that sky!

Fruit, anyone?

Ugly wires made interesting…

We love the use of vibrant colors!

Falko’s work brings life to downcast areas. 

How cool is this?!

This is so clever! And, makes for a great photo.

We wish we could do graffiti as good as this!

Some elephants even help with the trash!

What a lovely piece to have just outside your home.

Ever seen an elephant that can sew before? No? Well, now you have!