15 Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Something Else


The life of a vegetable probably is not such a happy and fulfilled one. They grow, mature and just when they’re about to get out into the world and have fun, they get eaten. Here we have 15 vegetables that won’t settle for that life anymore. They have dreams, hopes, aspirations to be something else and we should applaud them.

Ok well maybe that’s not entirely true, vegetables can grow into weird shapes for all sorts of reasons. If they are damaged or if the soil they’re grown in is not adequately fertilized for example. Let’s take a look at 15 weird looking vegetables that want to be something else. 


This eggplant wants to be human.

This radish wants to be an Olympic runner (he also wants that dog to go away).

This tomato wants to be the Easter Bunny!

tomato rabbit


This mommy and baby carrot just want hugs.

These peppers want to star in a horror movie!

This gourd really wants to be a duck.

duck gourd


This eggplant has a very distinguished nose!

long nosed eggplant


Aw this cute little potato-bear just wants to be loved.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. It’s devil-tomato!

devil tomato


A goose-gourd.

goose gourd


This radish and carrot are dreaming of the day spa.

Could this be the huggiest, snuggliest eggplant ever? Probably.

Is it a tomato or a duck? We’re not sure.

It’s a strawBEARy!

What a sophisticated radish.

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