Company Will Turn Your Beloved Pet’s Ashes Into Beautiful Memorial Glass Sculptures

Mementos and keepsakes of our departed loved ones are something that can keep their memories alive. Having something that reminds us of them gives us solace that they’re still with us even if they’re physically gone. Everyone has their own painful experience of losing someone they love so dearly. It is indeed agonizing to accept the fact that we can’t be with our loved ones anymore. Our family, friends, and even pets will someday depart this life and leave us forever. Many people opt to keep the ashes of their loved ones in urns as a keepsake. Even pet owners prefer to cremate their pets and keep their ashes for remembrance. But what if you can turn your pet’s ashes into a pet paw memorial glass?

pet paw memorial glass

A memorial glass can be in the form of tiny sculptures, marbles, pendants, or any form that you can conveniently bring with you anywhere.  Davenport Memorial Glass creates different forms of glass works infused with the cremation ashes of your loved ones. The company’s most popular piece is the pet paw memorial glass. With just a small quantity of your pet’s ashes, Davenport can create a glass replica paw as a memento.

This pet paw memorial glass is infused with the pet’s ashes to serve as a keepsake

pet paw memorial glass davenport


pet paw memorial glass ashes


davenport memorial glass


pet ashes turned into memorial glass

This pet paw memorial glass can be a great alternative when there are no pet cemeteries in your area. Furthermore, these gorgeous glass works can also serve as a charming piece of décor. So, you can place it anywhere in your home as a memorial piece and an ornamental piece as well.  More importantly, you can take this pet paw memorial glass anywhere you go. This will give you the feeling that your departed pet is still with you and will always be with you.

Cameron Davenport, the owner of the company, has been in the glass making industry since 2003. He later discovered the art of designing aesthetic glass works when he took a class from artist Phil Siegel. Since then, he started focusing on creating works of art instead of mere functional glass. How did he come up with the idea of creating memorial glass? It all started ten years ago when he received a small portion of his friend’s ashes. He has been keeping the ashes in an urn and placed it on his bookshelf for years.

“One day it came to me, and I decided to make him into a marble. There were quite a few friends that thought this was a neat idea and asked me to make them some memorial glass as well.”, he said.

memorial glass marble

Today, Davenport Memorial Glass has been gaining a lot of clients who wish to keep the memories of their loved ones alive. Even other glass artists are in awe of Davenport’s creations and kept on asking how he did it. But Davenport chose to keep his special technique a secret. Despite of that, he still considers teaching the technique to fellow artists someday.

Aside from the pet paw memorial glass, Davenport has created other several memorial pieces for bereaved customers. Davenport takes pleasure in fulfilling his clients’ wish. But he claims that the hardest part of his job is to hear sad stories from his mourning customers.

“It absolutely eats me up inside. I get a ton of sad emails and often need to take breaks from reading,” he said.

Davenport Memorial Glass can turn your loved one’s ashes into stunning glass works

paw imprint pendant memorial glass


heart glass pendant girl ashes


cremation ashes urn


memorial glass bird figure


memorial glass puzzle piece


memorial glass donut shape


memorial glass guitar shape


memorial glass sunflower shape

Visit the company website if you want to turn your pet’s ashes into a pet paw memorial glass. You can also browse the site’s gallery to see their entire collection of memorial glass pieces.

Source: Davenport Memorial Glass | Facebook