16 Stunning Garments Dubbed as The Future of Clothing

We don’t know what the future will bring. But what is evident is that technology will remain revolutionary. Thus it comes as no surprise that food, vehicles and especially clothing will continue to evolve.

Today, we’re bringing you 16 photos that show the future of clothing. All of them are high-tech, ranging from various fashion styles – from avant-garde, updated versions of the basics, athletic to sci-fi inspired!

Smartphone Jacket

Google’s The Levi’s® Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard™ lets you answer your smartphone with a simple brush or tap on your jacket’s sleeve. Staying connected while on the move just got even easier.

Enflux Workout Clothing

Get ready for a personalized workout experience with the Enflux exercise clothing which analyzes an individual’s body and offers 3D imaging to a digital coach.

Kinematics Petal Dress

A 3D printed dress made from nylon plastic and composed of thousands of small petals. These petals are interlocked creating a “continuous textile” that looks amazing to the eyes. Its creators even created a new software and technology to make it happen.

The World’s Best Travel Jacket

Minimalist travelers will love this jacket that doubles as a backpack. It’s got 15 features – detachable pillow, gloves, passport pocket, hand warming pocket and an eye mask to name a few. Now, it’s possible to travel sans luggage!

Living Shoes

3D printed biotrainers printed to the exact size of the user’s foot giving that “second skin” feel and with “ingredients” that allow overnight self-repair. How cool is that?

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Jean Paul Gautlier’s The Fifth Element Costumes

Remember Milla Jovovich’s bandage bodysuit in the popular sci-fi movie The Fifth Element?

Jean Paul Gautlier is the man behind this underwear-as-outerwear collections, designing a thousand more costumes for the film.

Synthetic Bioskin Dress

Clothing that will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer? Why not? This synthetic bioskin dress is made of biomaterials that will keep you comfy. Plus, its environment-friendly too.

Welt, The Smart Belt

Not to be left out, this smart belt known as “welt” offers health info to its wearer and records how well he feels during the day.

What a way to stay healthy and stylish at the same time, don’t you think?

NASA Mars Spacesuit

In retrospect, space travel will be an everyday thing for most people. NASA designed this spacesuit as a prototype which is said to become the usual outfit for astronauts and people who will make Mars their new home.

Beautiful Bioengineered Spacesuit

For those who wish to stay fashionable while traveling interplanetary, this stunning bioengineered spacesuit is your best choice. It works by producing chemical reactions from bacteria used in it, allowing you to adapt to a different planet’s environment.


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Hi-tech Bodysuit

A bodysuit designed with a sensor and conductive technology, this garment allows people to get back into peak physical form after suffering injuries due to physical activities.

Seamless Dress

How about a seamless dress that’s easy to put on and take off? Surely, dressing up will be easy breezy.

Back to The Future Self-lacing Rubber Shoes

Coveted by many, the widely popular shoes from the hit movie Back to The Future was created by NIKE. 89 pairs were released for the movie’s 30th anniversary. Though they were sold in a lottery, the NIKE team incorporated this technology in their MAG line. Now you won’t have to waste time lacing up your sneaks whenever you leave.

Solar Windbreaker

Designed by Pauline Van Dongen, this solar windbreaker is powered by solar panels that lets you charge your gadgets on the go.


Caress of The Gaze

A 3D printed, gaze-activated garment that changes its shape depending on the gazes of people.

Robotic Spider Dress

Leaning towards couture fashion, this smart cocktail dress comes with a twist. The spider dress has built-in self-defense to protect the wearer thanks to the system that can detect and adapt to your feelings.

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What do you think of these looks? Would you dare wear the pieces dubbed as the future of clothing? Share your thoughts in the comments.