14 Christmas Life Hacks To Help Your Holiday Season Run Smoothly

So many of us love Christmas. There is no better time of the year to relax with family and friends and just have a good time. However, one big thing that can ruin it for all of us is the organizational pressures. This is why you need these DIY life hacks to simplify your festive season, meaning you can spend more time having fun and less time spending money! Take a look and let us know some of your own holiday life hacks that can help others out in the comments!

Wrap a toilet roll tube around your wrapping paper to keep it from wrinkling.

toilet paper wrapping paper


This personalized gift looks totally awesome and will mean a lot to the recipient.

photo gift


Ensure your lights don’t get tangled by wrapping them around some cardboard before putting them away.

christmas lights round cardboard


Make your own snow globe for some extra festive cheer!

homemade snow globe


This could well be the most awesome Christmas tree ever!

cash tree


Why not make some peppermint candy shot glasses? Instructions here.

peppermint candy shot glass


These Scrabble-themed decorations are so cute!

scrabble christmas ornaments


Make an Olaf display like this one. Instructions here.

olaf decorations


If you have any particularly naughty youngsters in your family, make them these ‘lumps of coal’ Rice Krispies with black food coloring!

lump of coal


It’s far easier to cook your turkey in a crock pot rather than an oven.

turkey cooked



wrapping paper storage


Holiday lights are easy to hang on bricks with a glue gun. This way they can also be taken down again in no time!

lights bricks glue gun


Wrap your fake tree after Christmas to save yourself having to decorate it again next year.

tree saran wrap


Why not create a collage of beautiful and precious memories?

photo wreath

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