Chop And Pour With This Folding Chopping Board For Mess-Free Cooking

It’s not easy trying to avoid making a mess when you cook. All the prepping, chopping and mixing –  they all add up to kitchen mayhem. Thankfully, a foldable cutting board now exists to eliminate all the shambles of chopping. So, chopping is one less thing to worry about with this genius cooking solution.

This cutting board lays flat on a surface to provide a durable, knife-friendly chopping board for all types of food. When you’re done chopping, simply squeeze the handle to fold up the sides of the board. The chopping board forms a convenient chute to let you transfer food from the board to the pan without a single piece falling out. Since the chopped food is neatly guided into the pan, you’ll have mess-free cooking without some pieces ending up on the floor. Simply release the handle to get the board flat.


Foldable Cutting Board

folding chopping mat forms chute

This cutting board is made of durable plastic which is dishwasher safe for added convenience. It has a comfortable soft-grip handle and non-slip feet to prevent it from sliding around as you chop. Ideal for all types of food preparation, it is available in mini, small and large sizes. The mini size measures 12.5 inches x 6.5 inches with a 3.5-inch handle, the small size measures 15 inches x 8.75 inches with a 3.75-inch handle and the large size measures 19 inches x 10.75 inches with a 4-inch handle.

foldable cutting board green


plastic chopping board


foldable cutting board


plastic chopping board soft-grip handle


foldable cutting board chute

The cutting board also comes in 5 different colors including green, black, dove gray, red and white. Say goodbye to messy chopping and food prepping with this simple yet clever solution. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Very pleased with this cutting board. It is a hard, cut-resistant plastic, so it doesn’t show any mark made while chopping veggies. The way it folds makes it so easy to pour everything that has been cut into your measuring cup or pot neatly, without the usual problem of small pieces rolling all over the counter and floor.”

plastic chopping board dove gray


foldable cutting board dove gray


foldable cutting board gray


folding chopping mat red


foldable cutting board red


folding chopping mat black


foldable cutting board black

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foldable cutting board white

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