Funny Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Look Twice

Most single people would agree that dating isn’t always easy. This obviously varies on your romance history, your personality and the people that you meet. The whole experience can be great, however, it can also be awful. Many people look to dating sites and apps as a platform to meet people. One such app is Tinder. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s a swipe if you like system. You are shown a handful of pictures and can read a person’s bio. Here we have some funny Tinder profiles that will make you look twice! Take a look! 

We don’t think Becky quite understands what Tinder is for. Bless her. 

We wonder what that experience was like?!

So many of us can relate with Brittany here.

Sometimes all you want in life is someone to duet with! 

Samantha has a great sense of humor clearly! 

At least this girl is down for sharing adult responsibilities! 

Well, that escalated quickly… 

Pete likes to give things to you straight! 

If you like bad girls, Katie could be the one for you. 

We get you Dustin. A big, greasy burger is a must on occasion. 

This is by far the best nude deterrent we have ever seen.  

‘Swipe right if you need some Jesus in you’… 

We can see why James wants to date. A mannequin can’t be the best company. 

Either Nicole is a comical genius or she’s looking for an organ donor. We can’t tell which… 

Some of these profiles are just brilliant! Anyone that has used Tinder before would probably tell you that there are some rather boring and repetitive profiles to be found on there. We like how so many of these people have managed to show a proper glimpse of their personality in just a few words. Of course, not everyone’s sense of humor will be the same but we think all of these profiles have nailed being unique. If you have enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, you’re going to love the next part of this post!  

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An autobiography we can relate to, for sure. 

A girl who loves animals is a great girl. 

Beware, Spot the dog can take you on an emotional roller coaster. 

The end sentence makes this perfect! 

A good joke. Well done, Tim. 

Grandma knows best. 

Ryan had us at semi professional high-fiver. 

Brilliant. We’ve never heard that line before! 

Moral of the story… don’t send/take part in nudes! 

How you feel when ‘that’ friend drives… 

Well, you know this guy isn’t afraid to make an effort! 

Note to self… do not take Mateus home to meet your mom. 

Nick just won Tinder. 

Who doesn’t like a guy with manners? The cows are a nice touch also!