This Mom Uses Ikea Furniture To Create A Giant Bed For The Whole Family

Anyone who looks after children will know that sometimes raising kids requires compromise. Elizabeth Boyce, mom of five and blogger at ‘The Wandering World Below’, says she has spent many years trying to get her kids to sleep happily in their own rooms, with no luck, so she came up with a clever solution.

By modifying a number of beds from Ikea, she managed to create one giant bunk bed, big enough to sleep her whole family of seven! She even managed to fit in a couple of makeshift nightstands and shelves to hold sippy cups and other night time necessities. While this style of co-sleeping isn’t for every family, Boyce has made an amazing space for her family, which will keep everyone happy until any of her kids are ready to move on into their own space. Let’s take a look!

Source: The Wandering World Below