8 Punny Greeting Cards Featuring Celebrities As Animals


If you have someone in your life who is obsessed with animals, celebrities and puns, then we’ve just found you the perfect greeting cards to send them! Faye Finney illustrates hilarious greeting cards which make animal (and occasionally vegetable) puns out of celebrities’ names. So, for instance, we’ve got “Andy Warthog” and “Justin Beaver.” They might be a bit cheesy, but that’s all part of their charm! If you like what you see, all these cards (plus prints, notebooks and more) are available via Etsy. Take a look at these eight punny greeting cards featuring celebrities as animals (plus one cucumber).



Have you ever seen a twerking dinosaur?


Everyone’s favorite salad-based detective.


This iconic photo would have been much better with dogs involved, anyway.


Caught in a baa-d romance.


We think Warhol would have appreciated this.


This is actually disturbingly like Jay-Z.


Anything for you, Ms. Moles.


Everyone’s got Beaver Fever!

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