12 Images Showing An Awesome DIY Hobbit House Coming To Life

If you’ve got a backyard to speak of, then at some point you’re bound to at least have thought about decking it out with something cool. A garden shed, a trampoline, or, if the climate is right… a pool is always a popular choice! It’s not so common, however, to envisage a hobbit house! Unless your 30 year old design and construction expert Ashley Yeates from Bedford, UK, that is! Ashley spent almost a year of his free time completing his DIY hobbit hole, and it sure looks awesome. Take a look at the amazing process below!
Website: ukhobbithole.tumblr

In the beginning, there was this.

The roof had to be able to bear a decent load.

Waterproofing was, of course, an essential requirement of the job!

It’s starting to take shape, now!

The interior was slowly worked on…

Remember ventilation is needed when you’re underground!


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