12 Stories From People Who Met Their Significant Other At Work


If you work long hours and don’t get out and meet new people very often, then it can seem impossible to find a date. That’s why it can be fortuitous if you find someone special in the workplace. That said, there are some challenges that come with working alongside a romantic partner. For instance, some workplaces frown on office romances, or even outright ban them, and then there’s the fact that it could get awkward if you break up! We’ve got twelve stories from people who met their significant other at work. Some of them are cute and romantic, and others not so much. Take a look!


It must be embarrassing when your co-workers know a bit too much.


We’re glad this story had a happy ending!


Age shouldn’t matter too much if you’re in love.


This sounds like a cute couple!


If you’re used to seeing your partner all day at work, this could get lonely.


We can see why bosses might separate a couple at work because it could lower productivity.


That’s why office romances can get awkward.


This isn’t cool.


Thank goodness she felt the same way!


That is a really harsh ultimatum.


This guy sounds like a bit of a jerk.


This couple is lucky to have a supportive boss!

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