12 Honest Confessions About People’s First Year Of Marriage


For some people, marriage is an absolute cake walk, whereas for others it’s a constant struggle. It’s tough to say exactly why this is, because everyone’s different, but (except in the cases where someone simply married a huge jerk) it seems to often come down to unrealistic expectations. If you live with your partner before marriage, which is definitely a wise move, you can expect your life to be pretty much the same after marriage as before. Marriage doesn’t magically change everything, so if you weren’t totally happy before you tied the knot, you won’t be afterward. We’ve got twelve honest confessions about people’s first year of marriage that range from the sweet to the sad. Take a look!



Having fun with your partner is vital in a healthy marriage.


If you’re having issues so soon, that’s not a good sign!


This person better figure out what they’re feeling!


Sometimes people simply fall out of love.


Well, honesty is important… even about the bad things.


Now that’s quite concerning.


Should it really be the hardest?


We hope this person figures out what will make them happy.


This must be really tough for both partners.


We definitely don’t think staying together was the right choice.


Everyone gets on each other’s nerves sometimes, but if it’s constant, that could be cause for concern.


Now, that’s what we like to hear!

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