Crazy Hairstyles That Will Leave You Amused And Confused

Most of us will admit that we’ve had some pretty bad hair cuts in the past. Whether this be down to the trends at the time or our own bad decisions, looking back on old photos can be pretty amusing. However, there are some people who take having crazy hairstyles to a whole new level, a level that will make you feel much better about your own blunders! Take a look below to see some crazy hairstyles that will leave you amused and confused!  

This is pretty creative. But, what will the hair design look like when the kid is wearing a different shirt? 

This guy looks like his head has been run over and tire marks were left behind! 

When you want people to know that they shouldn’t mess with you because you see everything… 

This half and half style gets stranger the longer you look at it! 

Wow! This is pretty impressive… 

The differing colors… the horrible layers… it’s a no from us. 

When you want to come across as frosty… 

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Who wore it better? You decide!

This hairstyle reminds us of how our coffee looks before the milk has been stirred in… 

We can imagine someone running past trying to grab the money… 

This ram horns look makes us feel uncomfortable. 

Why, just why?

This is some serious commitment to looking like a strawberry! 

Those little bits must be itchy!