Epic Fail Design Choices That Make No Sense

We all know that there are some incredibly talented minds that grace our earth. There are so many creative geniuses that put some of us to shame with their abilities. However, thankfully there are also people who are the complete opposite of that description that make us feel better about ourselves! Here we have a list of epic fail design choices that make no sense.

This car boot collects water. Therefore, if you open it, all of the collected water falls into your boot, leaving a wet mess.

Because the most common thing people do whilst camping is go on their laptops?!

We’re still unsure whether this is cereal or hair dye…

Why make things easy when you can make them confusing?

Yeah… someone needs to rethink their cable organisation…


Nothing screams secure and locked away like a pointless door/gate!

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The best place for a sizing chart is suspended in the air, apparently.

Sweater shorts? Some fashion trends we will simply never understand!

This is daylight robbery! We hope that none were sold.

Because you see so many kids with wine glasses?!

If your mouse needs charging, it looks like you’re taking an involuntary break!

This teaches us a valuable lesson that some things are just a huge waste of time. Hooray!