12 Big Boob Disasters Only Larger Chested Women Will Truly Understand

Modern society has an obsession with big boobies. Every year, thousands of women go under the surgeon’s knife just to get bigger fun bags, because they are viewed as sexy and desirable. Yet some of us, the ones born with gigantic melons, know the truth. Big breasts are nothing more than a pain! Not only do people stare, but they give us a sore back and leave us open to all sorts of breast-related fashion disasters! Like the problems highlighted below, take a look!

‘National No Bra Day’ is a no-no!

You have to bypass the pretty bras!

You simply can’t wear things like this…

If you go strapless this happens!

This is seriously the only way to be comfy whilst sunbathing!

Your bra looks like a parachute.

Doing any sort of sport is a nightmare!

This is a daily occurrence!

Things disappear!

Anything backless is out of the question, unless you want to look like this!

Teeny tops are out of bounds.

Guys will take your bra off and then don’t know what to do!

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