The Automatic ‘Bacon Master’ Cooks You A Load Of Bacon Within Minutes

What’s breakfast without bacon? Enjoy your bacon the way you want it in a healthier way with this automatic bacon master cooker. ‘Healthy’ and ‘bacon’ don’t seem quite to fit in together. Considering the fact that an ounce of these salt-cured pork cuts contributes 30 milligrams of cholesterol, bacon are actually not the best breakfast food as far as health is concerned.

But as we said earlier, it’s almost impossible to start the day without this tasty dish. Thanks to this automatic bacon cooker, we can now cook and enjoy healthier bacon without adding up the cholesterol. But how does this smart cooker work and how does it make healthier bacon?

automatic bacon cooker

This automatic bacon cooker features a vertical pan where you drape the bacon strips evenly on both sides. No oil required, simply close the lid after placing the bacon strips. Turn the cooker on and let it cook the bacon for you. The vertical pan allows all the grease from the bacon to drip down into the bottom tray. Thus, the cooking process reduces the amount of cholesterol in the meat while keeping its savory bacon flavor. The results are crispy bacon with less grease, oil, and cholesterol.

automatic bacon cooker vertical pan


bacon nation automatic bacon cooker


automatic bacon cooker design

This genius cooker can cook up to 8 strips of bacon at a time. More importantly, it cooks the bacon evenly so you don’t need to flip the pieces halfway through the cooking process. What a convenience indeed! Just wait for 8 minutes for your bacon to be ready. Additionally, it has a heating control timer setting to let you choose your desired bacon – light, crispy, or extra-crispy.

When it’s done, you’ll only need to clean out the greasy drippings from the bottom tray and wipe down the non-stick pan surface, and you’re all set.

automatic bacon cooker bottom tray


automatic bacon cooker crispy


automatic bacon cooker box

So, get this automatic bacon cooker here and indulge in crispy bacon every morning without the guilt. Say goodbye to greasy breakfast and say hello to crunchy, healthier bacon. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I cooked my first batch of bacon and am already in love with this product. The timer makes it super simple to pick the degree of crisp you want your bacon to have. Then you get perfectly cooked bacon without having to dodge grease splatter. The removable grease tray makes it easy to collect bacon drippings for use in other recipes.”