Build Your Very Own Guesthouse With This DIY Kit In Just 8 Hours

There are those who prefer to hire other people to do the work for them. And there are also those who prefer to do the work themselves. But why go through all the troubles of doing the work when you can hire others to do it? For one thing, building your own creation gives an unexplainable feeling of satisfaction that you can’t get from hiring builders. If you’re a fan of DIY stuffs, here’s something that you’ll surely get interested with. Allwood Solvalla is selling a DIY guesthouse kit that you can construct in your backyard in a day.

The DIY guesthouse kit includes a 172-square-foot cabin, sliding door, panels, wall insulation, canopy roof, floor boards, and floor joists. Get yours now with free shipping. Like most DIY products, it comes with a simple step-by-step manual instruction. Assembly requires only minimal tools such as saw, Phillips screwdriver, drill, hammer, pliers, box cutter, measuring tape, level, and ladder. Of course, a helper can make the assembly faster and better.

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allwood diy guesthouse kit


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The only downside is that this DIY guesthouse kit doesn’t include roof shingles, foundation materials, insulation sealant, and styrofoam panels. You’ll need to separately purchase these items at home centers and building product stores. The only available add-on is the canopy roof storage that you can get for an additional fee. Also, the Allwood DIY guesthouse kit doesn’t come with a bathroom so you’ll need to buy a separate bathroom kit. And it’s not yet equipped with electricity, air-conditioning or heating system so you might need to hire an electrician for this job.

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diy guesthouse kit for sale


diy guesthouse kit floor joists


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allwood amazon guesthouse floor boards

You can turn this DIY guesthouse kit into a backyard studio, a she shed, a pool changing room, or anything that you desire to build.

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Get yours today!

The company also sells a 4 person barrel sauna that you put in your backyard.