This DIY Compass Table Would Be An Awesome Asset To Any Garden

Do you ever feel that your garden is lacking something? A sculpture, some plants or an eye catching piece of furniture perhaps? Well, if you’re a dab hand at creating things, we may have just the thing for you! Reddit user ‘walterrobot’ decided to make an awesome compass table to enter as his exam piece. The needle on the table spins freely but can be controlled by coasters, which you’ll see later on. Ash, cherry and mahogany were used to achieve the fantastic look you’ll see below. Check it out!
Website: Imgur

To start with, the legs were cut from solid pieces of ash. A template was created out of scrap wood to ensure all legs were the same size. A bandsaw was then used to cut them. 

To make a shelf, 4 planks of cherry were joined together using domino joints. A compass was used to mark out a circle shape and then a bandsaw was used to cut it out. 

A mortice an tenon joint was used to attach the shelf to the legs.

Testing that it all fit!

Next it was onto joining the legs. A domino joint was used at the top to attach the legs to a center block of ash.

Clamps were used to hold everything in place.

For the table top, an initial pattern was drawn on paper. It was decided that solid wood would be used over veneer. 

Here are the pieces all together.

Joining them together was a pain, so the process was done in two halves. 

A compass was used to trace a circle through all the points.