15 Useful hacks that could help change your life

Here is a list of of some of the most useful hacks we have found that could help make your life easier. These tips and tricks are particularly good for helping to save time and space.


Attach a length of PVC pipe to the end of your lawn blower to clean your gutters.


Mount your phone in your car with a rubber band.


Organize your cluttered wires into your favorite musician. Genius and stylish!


No pockets for your keys? Attach them to the collar of your best friend.


Fix a hole in your garden hose by sticking a toothpick in it then snapping it off.


Hanging chairs make for a great space saving closet.


Cut notches into your cabinet shelf to use as toothbrush holders. Great space saving idea.


Use a soda can to improve WiFi signal.


Apple power bricks also make great bottle openers!


Separate egg yolks with ease by using an empty bottle.


If your child can’t quite reach the running water in a sink use a sippy cup to help make it easier.


Use a vacuum cleaner to make the ultimate ponytail in seconds!


Wearing a hoodie backwards make for a great popcorn holder!


Use a rolled up belt to help keep your shirt collar stiff when traveling.

By rolling up your clothes into bundles it can help free up more space.

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