12 Disney Princesses Transformed Into Characters From X-Men

Many of you reading this would have grown up watching Disney movies, some of you probably still do! In recent years, you may have noticed there has been a trend for Disney princesses being re-imagined or transformed in various different ways. Diego Gomez decided to join in on the trend, in a very awesome way! Now thanks to Diego, you can see what some of your favorite Disney characters would look like if they got a badass X-Men makeover! Take a look!
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Mulan as Wolverine


Alice as Magik


Belle as Shadowcat


Snow White as Jubilee


Rapunzel as Polaris


Tiana as Storm


Cinderella as White Queen


Aurora as Dazzler


Pocahontas as Psylocke


Merida as Rogue


Jasmine as Mystique


Ariel as Phoenix