Add A Little Fun To The Boredom Of Waiting For Things To Load With These Custom Loading Bars


As a race, human beings are so wonderfully diverse. So many different continents, countries, languages and personalities, no two people are ever exactly the same. However there is one thing that each and every one of us from New York to New Delhi have in common… hatred of those awful computer loading bars. How many minutes or hours of your life do you think you have wasted gazing hollow eyed at those things, just waiting for them to move even by just a crummy millimeter? Too many, that's how many! Thankfully graphic designer Viktor Hertz has come up with this series titled "Works in Progress Bars". He's basically used the usual layout of a loading or progress bar and built on that with hilarious results. Check out the pictures below and next time you're staring at a loading bar, remember these, be strong and smile! 

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