Social Shower Curtain


Is taking a shower the only time when you’re not clicking away on facebook? Well now you can take your social networking profile with you! It's the ideal gift for social networking geeks. Bring your profile to life while you lather up with the social shower curtain!

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  1. Shye Birch

    for all of you that make facebook your life!

  2. Dee Willis

    This is one step further than watching paint dry!!

    • Doug Cowles

      i know dee…

  3. Renee E Etienne


  4. Adele Marie Orchard-Reid

    Kellie Orchard-Reid perfect for you xx.

    • Kellie Orchard-Reid

      Love this website I want everything x

  5. Adele Marie Orchard-Reid

    Kellie Orchard-Reid perfect for you xx.

  6. Nichole MacLeod

    who would want this?

    • Herschel Wolff

      the chick above u obviously lol

  7. Nichole MacLeod

    who would want this?

  8. Letícia Leal

    muito show

  9. Letícia Leal


  10. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  11. Elsa Lugo Ferrer


  12. Jacqui Farmer


  13. Arbor Vitae Campground

    For people who love face book!

  14. Daisy Lor

    nope on this one!

  15. Janeisha Rather

    Cute. Lol.

  16. Matthew O’Sullivan


  17. Quandatosoft D Oglesby

    Now that is cute.

  18. Rose Griffiths

    Love it lol. Xxx

  19. Heather Greene

    I want this:)) xxx

  20. Lee Haymonds

    Kate Blonde Wakeford.

  21. Matthew Crossley

    would prefer it if it was youtube.

  22. Meg Di Iorio-Joseph

    There IS a YouTube shower curtain!

  23. Sofia Gomez

    Karina Orozco loooook.

  24. Heather Weston

    Terri Mabrey Butler lololol we should get it just to fuck with everyone. (:

  25. Kim Hill


  26. Gabe Jule Gillooly


  27. Gabe Jule Gillooly


  28. Gabe Jule Gillooly


  29. Chelsea Stacey


  30. Innocent Salveet Memon


  31. Juliet Marie Coletti

    I want dis cx

  32. Xiola Gray

    They have YouTube ones

  33. Ashley Paige

    For all of the uber FB addicts.

  34. Dolcie Mellor

    this is cool i want this

  35. Melissa Bickmeyer


  36. Melissa Bickmeyer


  37. Diane Mccue Cozzola


  38. Cathy Turner

    Buying this for my daughter

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