Weird Animal Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Nature

Did you know that sloths only poop up to once a week? And, every time they do, they are putting their lives at risk? What about the fact that certain spiders have detachable penises? Or, that female dragon flies will pretend to be dead to avoid unwanted sexual advances? These weird animal facts and many more can be found below. Not only are so many of these images super interesting, but they are also utterly hilarious! Take a look!
Website: WeirdNature

Wow! We had no idea that an armadillo’s shell was so strong! 

We can totally relate to this. Life is tiring. 

Sharks are often demonized unfairly. We like these kind of facts!

This is why many grandparents and parents will warn you never to be nasty to a crow. 

Does it grow back?

That’s one hell of a fart! 

This made us laugh so much! 

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And, so did this one! These are hilarious! 

What an awful fate to be matched with…

We wonder if this is widely accepted among the giraffe community or if some of them face discrimination? 

Imagine learning that you have this skill…

We wonder if anyone has ever tried to use this as an excuse for the weed smell in their car… 

It’s fascinating to think about how different we all are. 

This is hilarious but also sad. Imagine putting your life at risk every time you went to the toilet.