The ‘Couchmaster’ Lap Desk Gives You The Comfort To Work/Game On Your Couch

With a very limited space, it becomes really difficult to set up your personal workstation at home. But worry no more because this ingenious Couchmaster Lap Desk is designed to allow you to work on your laptop right on your couch. This convenient innovation really comes in handy especially now that most office workers are required to work from home. Now they don’t have to worry about allotting much space to create their workstations.

Apart from those working from home, the Couchmaster is also perfect for PC gamers. Although there’s the ultimate gaming bed for hardcore gamers, not all of us can actually afford this pricey opulence. Practically speaking, this couch lapdesk is the most affordable alternative to the gaming bed. Besides, the couch would be as comfortable as the bed. All you have to do is sit back comfortably on the couch, take this lap desk on front of you then proceed with your business.


Couchmaster Lap Desk

couchmaster lap desk black leather

This Couchmaster features a lapboard and two armrests that come as separate pieces so you can adjust them according to your body size.  The armrests have memory foam cushions to support the arms. The soft yet durable cushion is covered in high quality faux leather with a suede-look finish. Each cushioned armrest measures 23.6 inches long, 9 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall. The lapboard that should sit on top of the armrests measures 33 inches x 14 inches.

couchmaster lap desk lapboard and armrests


portable lapdesk lapboard


Armrests and lapboard are separate pieces and freely adjustable

couchmaster lap desk adjustable elements

Furthermore, the Couchmaster comes with Velcro to fix the laptop, keyboard or other items to the lapboard. For maximum connectivity, it features 4 port USB-3.0 hub that provides the fastest connection for up to 4 peripherals such as keyboard, tablet, mouse and headset. Additionally, its integrated chip technology allows the whole system to operate without a separate power supply, free of unnecessary cables. Simply plug the power cord into an outlet and you’re good to go. The included 16 feet active USB-3.0 extension cable provides lag-free connection between peripherals. It can be extended to up to 32 feet for maximum mobility.

couchmaster lap desk


The lapboard has an inside compartment for internal cable management

portable lapdesk internal cable management


portable lapdesk personal workstation at home

Unlike ordinary lapdesks that require you to hunch forward while working, the Couchmaster is designed to promote a good back posture. Just sit back and find your most comfortable sitting position on your couch while you work or play on your PC. You also have peace of mind while working as it takes away annoying cables due to its internal cable management. All cables and cords can be easily routed into the internal compartment of the lapboard for a clutter-free workstation. Moreover, it has a mouse pocket and a side pocket built into the separate armrests. You can store the mouse in the convenient mouse pocket and use the other side pocket for your remote control, gaming tools or other stuff.

portable lapdesk


portable lapdesk right on your couch


portable lapdesk gaming session


couchmaster lap desk with cushioned armrests

The Couchmaster also includes a mouse pad which you can swap sides with the keyboard. Not just for the couch, it also works perfectly on recliners and loveseats as well. To put it simply, it makes the perfect platform for ergonomic working or long gaming sessions right on your preferred seat. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This one stands apart from other [lapdesks] in several ways. It sits on its own support arms, and not directly on the user’s lap; it’s large enough for full-sized keyboard and mouse with plenty of movement space; it is ‘modular’ so it easily accommodates users and furniture of different widths. And can be easily stored when not in use.”

couchmaster lap desk faux leather


portable lapdesk lapboard and armrests


portable lapdesk for pc gamers


couchmaster lap desk suede-look finish


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Watch the Couchmaster Lap Desk in action on the video below

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