iPhone Money Clip Case


Leave your wallet at home and store your cards/cash inside your iPhone case! With this iPhone money clip case your iPhone will still be able to use all its functions and you have access to all the ports too!


  1. Jamil Malakieh

    Okay iphone you win this round.

  2. Johnnie Borhorquez

    Now wouldn't this demagnetized your cards?

    • Johnnie Borhorquez


  3. Nikki Fox Hunt

    please make for iphone 5!

  4. Meem Hussain

    that's stupid. people loose their phones wayy too much. you loose the phone u loose your cash n credit too.

  5. Samantha M Riis-Christensen

    the people who loose their phones are dumb ive never lost my phone at least not on purpose.

    • Jackie McClanahan

      Most people don't lose their phones on purpose…

  6. Chris Jones

    what do they say about eggs and baskets?

  7. Yenica Gil

    So now when someone steals your phone, they get your money too!!

  8. Jennifer Mc

    Lisa Browne

  9. Lisa Browne

    Ha if hav to have a brand new iPhone and money

  10. Jennifer Mc

    Lisa Browne hahahha 😛 😛

  11. Michelle Tillis

    Great for ur boss Jacelyn Charriez

  12. Rachel Groves

    Must have! For work!

  13. Maimoona Vikhar

    Do they have it for SAMSUNG GALAXY S4? I have a white one!

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