Now You Can Organize Your Clothes With Ease Using The Awesome Magnetic ‘ThreadStax’


There aren't many of us who haven't experienced demolishing our closets trying to find a specific item of clothing. Even if we are lucky enough to find the article we are looking for, sadly it usually leaves your remaining possessions in chaos. But is this really our fault? Not many of us have the time to gently and neatly sift through all of our clothes, particularly if they are just stacked in piles. Well 'ThreadStax' is here to help! The invention folds, stacks and dispenses your clothes with ease, making the most of both small and large spaces. Using the power of magnets, the device is strong enough to support your clothes in place yet with a simple lift and tug you can find exactly what you're looking for, without making a mess! And the handy folding device ensures a neat pile of clothes without fail. Check out how it works below!
Website: Kickstarter