Waterproof iPhone Case

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Keep your iPhone protected from water, dust, dirt and knocks with this waterproof iPhone case! Never worry again about dropping your phone on the ground or down the toilet! Available in a variety of colors. Completely sealed protection.

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  1. Laura Ash

    Jason Ash you need this.

  2. Theresa Lunn

    Want one

  3. Rebecca White

    I so want this phone just so I can have the case that would be awesome.

  4. Julia McCool Tovey

    go to life and get it then you get the life time warranty this site probably doesn't cover that. but the lifeproof case is the best purchase I ever made for my iPhone.

  5. Tyler Jaynes

    Garrett Jaynes

  6. Tabitha Altman

    That's what u hot to wax the lifetime case and its great I love it I never take my phone out if it lol

  7. Tyrone Woods

    Sam Roberts

  8. Sam Roberts

    Haha cheers Ty

  9. Mike Cui

    This looks like a fake lifeproof. The real cases are $80

  10. Caelan Smith


  11. Caelan Smith


  12. Caelan Smith

    Life proof is safer

  13. Caelan Smith

    Life proof is safer

  14. June Torro

    Lifeproof put a dent in the back of my phone. >____<

  15. June Torro

    Lifeproof put a dent in the back of my phone. >____<

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