Illustrator Andres Colmenares Creates Adorable Little Comics That Put A Smile On Your Face

We’ve seen how print media went into a steady decline when contemporary media began shifting to digital venues. Luckily for us, the decline of print comics paved the way for web-comics which are now increasingly widespread and very popular. Aside from the fact that majority of web-comics are easily accessible and free-to-read, many illustrators are creating contents based on real-life situations and struggles. So readers can relate to these scenarios and problems being portrayed by cartoonish characters.

Colombian illustrator Andres Colmenares is the brilliant creator behind the popular Wawawiwa comics. His series of adorable and wholesome web-comics feature cute animals, trees and plants, everyday objects, and even planets dealing with familiar predicaments and situations that most people can relate to. But unlike most web-comics that merely depict these recognizable scenarios, Wawawiwa series focuses on heartwarming depictions of life to convey positivity.


Cute Comics With Heartwarming Messages

Planet Jupiter giving one of its many moons to the gloomy Planet Earth, a highlighter trying to confess its feelings to a pencil, a dispirited whale unaware that it’s making a sea turtle happy. His charming illustrations aren’t just candy to the eyes.

The message and story itself can cheer up even the most wearisome spirit. If you’re in need of some wholesome comics to lift your mood, follow the illustrator on Instagram to read his inspiring Wawawiwa series and keep updated with his latest works.
























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