Every Thanksgiving Table Needs A Turkey-Shaped Butter Sculpture

Butter makes every dish taste better. Make your Thanksgiving feast even more delightful and appetizing with this turkey-shaped butter sculpture. Butter has been a staple in every dining table. But wouldn’t it be nicer to have a nice-looking butter suitable for certain occasions. Let’s say for example, butter in the shape of a turkey. That would be the most ideal butter for your Thanksgiving party. Of course, the roast turkey will be the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast. But it’s only fitting to pair it with a turkey-shaped butter sculpture.

kellers creamery turkey-shaped butter sculpture

Your family and friends will surely love this turkey-shaped butter sculpture. You can use it as a tasty, creamy accompaniment on bread rolls and other Thanksgiving dishes. Furthermore, this salted butter also doubles as a stunning piece of artwork. It will surely make your Thanksgiving table more Instagram-worthy.

This intricately designed butter features a realistic sculpture of a turkey, from the body to the fancy feathers. One pack weighs 4oz consisting of 8 tablespoons of salted butter. So we suggest you load them up on your table because your guests will surely want plenty of this on their dishes.

turkey-shaped butter sculpture thanksgiving


turkey-shaped butter sculpture kellers creamery


thanksgiving turkey-shaped butter sculpture


turkey-shaped butter sculpture

Get this turkey-shaped butter sculpture here to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner and impress your guests. You can also give it as a Thanksgiving gift to your loved ones and friends. Don’t just settle for the usual, boring butter for your Thanksgiving party. Make your table and dishes more interesting and palatable with this Thanksgiving-inspired butter sculpture.



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Source: Keller’s Creamery | Walmart