Colorful Wooden Watches

In this generation where smartphones and wearable technology seemed to have become contemporary timepieces, it’s good to know that there are still those who prefer the traditional timepiece. If you belong to the latter then you’re in the right page. We’ve found this traditional yet modish colorful wooden watch that has a lot of potential to make you stand out. Of course, you can still opt for the ever-popular metal or silicone ones. But keep in mind that smart watches, sports watches, racing watches, and wrist chronometers are all designed to look like them.

If you’re really looking for something special and unique then a wooden watch might be to your taste. A traditional timepiece that’s made of wood, it adds a touch of nature to your everyday life. Although the casing and the strap are made from wood, the internal mechanism is much the same as its metal and silicone counterparts. When it comes to appearance, there’s no denying how special these wood watches are. And while most wood watches are lacquered in natural wood finishes, we’ve found this colorful wooden watch that adds a fun twist to the classical piece.


Colorful Wooden Watch For Men

colorful wooden watch

Instead of plain, solid finish, this colorful wooden watch features eye-pleasing pops of colors to add more vitality into your life. Charming colors of green, pink, purple, red, and yellow, this analog watch is sure to add an edge to any of your outfits. Not only is this timepiece stylish but it is also lightweight and eco-friendly. Since wood watches are made from renewable resource, they’re typically less expensive than the metal ones. Furthermore, this all-natural wooden watch is hypoallergenic and doesn’t give off bad odor like leather or silicone does.

multi-colored wood wristwatch for men


multi-colored wood wristwatch


colorful wooden watch wide band


colorful wooden watch for men

This colorful wooden watch features Japanese quartz movement to provide accurate time. It comes with stainless steel crown and folding clasp. The hour, minute, and second hands are luminous so you can tell time even in the dark. It also includes a tiny calendar window. And the clock face is protected by mineral glass. It is powered by 1 LR44 battery (included) and comes in men and women version. One happy buyer wrote:

“This is a beautiful watch. I find myself wearing it often because it is so lightweight and all the colors I love. It was definitely worth the price.”


For Women

colorful wooden watch for women


multi-colored wood wristwatch for women


multi-colored wood wristwatch women


stylish colorful wooden watch women


multi-colored wood wristwatch luminous display


colorful wooden watch women

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