This Amazing Braille Smartwatch Allows Blind People To Feel Messages

Blindness can really take its toll on a person. Trying to live as normal a life as possible without sight isn’t easy. With over 285 million visually impaired people around the world, it’s great to see that as time goes on more things are becoming available to help. Here we introduce an incredible smartwatch brought to you by South Korean developer ‘Dot’. This watch isn’t your standard smartwatch, however, as it is specifically designed for the visually impaired. Using braille, the user of the watch can physically feel a message that they have been sent. Take a look below for some more information about this awesome invention and to see what it looks like!
Website: Dot/Facebook

The user of the watch can choose the speed at which the dynamic braille cells change, making it perfect for people who are skilled with braille and also for those who are new to it. The smartwatch connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth, which allows it to receive messages from various different apps. What’s more, the user can also send messages using buttons on the side of the watch. Although there are many existing devices to aid the visually impaired, many of them use/require sound. So, it’s awesome that there is a great alternative! In 2017, 100,000 watches will be shipped. We can’t wait to see the change that this device makes!