18 Awesome DIY Candle Projects That You Will Love


Candles are beautiful, soothing and almost magical to look at. When lit, they add atmosphere, glow and color to any room you put them in. If you're a fan of candles, then you'll love these 18 DIY candle projects you can try at home. Whether you are considering gifting one of these amazing objects to friends or simply want to add a touch of class to your own home, there is something here to suit every taste and ability.


Cathrineholm Candle Holders

Create these Catherineholm candle holders by cutting shapes from colorful paper in order to let the candle light shine through and create beautiful patterns around the room.                      


Tree slice candle holder

This tree slice candle holder looks naturally beautiful and is simple to make.    


ice cube votives

Create this look by using silicone ice cube trays to make plaster candle holders.   


antler candle holders

These antler candle holders with copper may not be to everyone's taste but they are certainly eye-catching!


dark wooden block candles

This recycled dark wood block candle holder is created from a cleaned up piece of wood. Doesn't it look amazing?   


negative candle holders

Make beautiful memories last forever by using photograph negatives wrapped around your holder. These make a wonderful gift too.  


copper pipe candles

This copper pipe candelabra can be made easily from pipes and connection pieces found in any local hardware store.    


rope candle holder

This rope-wrapped candle holder with cardboard interior just oozes rustic charm.


wooden votive holder

This large and dramatic wooden votive holder is made from a tree stump.  


clay candle holders

These clay candle holders are easy to make and suit any age and ability. They are also just perfect for weddings!  


concrete votive holder

This textured concrete votive holder looks great in a minimalist home or office.


dribbled paint votives

Drizzle some paint inside glass votive holders and this is what you get.



birthday candle blocks

These birthday candle blocks with giant candles are for those who either don't eat cake or who prefer a more stylized birthday decoration on their sweet treat.    


wooden egg paint dipped candle holders

These awesome wooden egg paint-dipped candle holders are made from those wooden eggs you get at Easter and some imagination.      


constellation votives

These heavenly constellation votives are easy to make with oven-bake clay.  


copper pipe candleholder

This copper pipe candleholder is just bent with pliers. Quick and simple to make!  


glitter votive holder

This sparkly glitter votive holder is made with spray adhesive and glitter.


mason jar lanterns

This mason jar lantern with lavender is so simple yet unbelievably awesome!