Artist Daniela Forti Creates ‘Jellyfish’ Glass Tables With Tentacles That Look Like They Came From The Sea

There are some very talented people on this earth that are capable of creating incredible works of art. One such person is Daniela Forti. The Italian artisan has a gift when it comes to manipulating glass. She uses a unique process to create stunning pieces. Her latest collection is titled ‘Meduse’, the Italian word for jellyfish. When you see the below examples of her fantastic crafts, the project name makes perfect sense. Take a look to find out more and let us know in the comments section what you make of the translucent art!

Glass Tables

The glass fusion technique Daniela uses involves melting down solid pieces of glass until they meld and weave together. This results in beautiful new shapes. 


Daniela is 57 years old and has been working and living among the hills of Chianti since 1882.


If you happen to be in Tuscany, you can view one of Daniela’s permanent jewelry exhibitions which can be found at the Palazzo Tucci Hotel in Lucca. 


We are absolutely blown away by these stunning creations. It’s super interesting to see how similarly shaped pieces transform when you see them in different color schemes. 


When it comes to the ‘Meduse’ collection, gravity plays a huge role in the finished results of the pieces that you are seeing. 


It’s clear that Daniela has a superb talent and a keen eye. We are interested to see what else she comes out with in the future. 


If you like what you have seen, don’t forget to check out Daniela’s website so you can keep up to date with her upcoming projects and more. 


We would absolutely love to own a few of these pieces but we would struggle so much to choose which ones we liked the most, they are all so brilliant! 


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