People Share The Annoying Allergies That Affect Their Relationships

Depending on their severity, living with allergies can be rather debilitating. Even the less aggressive reactions are still super frustrating! Furthermore, they can even get in-between couples! Here we have a list of people sharing the annoying allergies that affect their relationships. Thankfully, some things can be easily worked around, however, others can unfortunately mean the end. Take a look and see if you relate!
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Maybe the boyfriend could consider switching aftershave?

This is so sad! Those cats are clearly very loved. 

What a shame. We hope the chocolate bear went to a good home! 

Assuming someone doesn’t like animals because they are allergic would be quite strange… 

Good riddance! You can tell that ex was not right mentally. 

When you know you can’t deal with something, there’s no point! 

That’s how a supporting partner should be! 

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It’s the small things that add up to a big love! 

We don’t really blame the boyfriend. To some people, animals are family. 

We’re sorry to say this boyfriend sounds like a jerk. Who cares more about money than their partner’s discomfort? A loser, that’s who!

This is some serious dedication to skiving off! 

The struggle is real… 

Maybe these two were meant for each other?

This boyfriend needs to rethink his definition of funny.