8 Of The Weirdest Hotels In The World


An average hotel room is generally smart, but bland. Think a neutral paint job, white bedding and generic artwork on the walls. However, not all hotels fit this pattern, far from it, in fact. There are plenty of weird and wonderful hotels out there to suit even the strangest of people. There's nothing wrong with staying in a basic 'Comfort Inn' type lodging, but that's not everyone's cup of tea. If you'd like to spend your holiday somewhere a little bit different, we've got just the places for you. These are 8 of the weirdest hotels and lodgings in the world, and they're awesome. Check them out! 


The Beermoth in Inverness-shire, Scotland is an old converted fire truck located on a quaint farm.



This hotel in St. Ives Bay, UK is an old 1950s train car that has been converted into a cute place to stay.



Propeller Island in Berlin, Germany is as mysterious as it is weird. It's almost impossible to book a stay here, but if you do get in, each room is themed in the most unique and unusual of ways!




The Madonna Inn in California is another hotel with themed rooms, but these are a little less creepy and a lot more kitsch!




Known as No Man's Fort, this old Victorian fort is 1.4 miles off the coast of the Isle of Wight, UK. Although it looks pretty stark and industrial from the outside, the inside is deceptively swanky!



The Kumbuk River Resort Hotel in Sri Lanka has one rather unusual, elephant-shaped villa available to rent. 


This lodging in Helston, UK is an old Romany Gypsy Caravan. Lovingly restored and placed in an orchard near the Falmouth Bay coast, this looks like a dream place to spend a few nights.



The incredible La Balade des Gnomes is located in Durbuy, Belgium. Not only is it incredibly striking from the outside but it also looks like something out of a fairytale when you step inside. 


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