Ingenious Alternative Uses For Everyday Items

Keeping on top of household chores is a difficult task. This is why its always a treat to find out interesting alternative uses for things that usually have one distinct purpose in our homes. There are lots of common unconventional uses that you probably know already for everyday items. For example, who hasn’t heard of cleaning silver jewelry with toothpaste or using tape to pick up crumbs and dust from your tabletops? If you’re the type of person who loves a good and ingenious hack, you’ll love these ideas. Let us know your favorite in the comments. 


If you need to transport old stale clothes in your suitcase, place a bar of soap in with them to keep things smelling as fresh as possible.

alternative uses soap stale clothes

Easily open tight jar lids with a tablespoon.

alternative uses spoon jar

Remove small stains from your suede shoes with a nail file.

alternative uses suede shoe nail file

Use an old shower cap to place your shoes inside when packing your case.

alternative uses shoes showercap

Use toothpaste to effectively clean your car headlights.

alternative uses headlights

Affix towel hooks to your wall so you can watch TV on your tablet while you’re in the kitchen.

alternative uses hooks tablet wall

A magnet fixed to a wall keeps all your metallic bits and bobs in one place.

alternative uses magnet metal items

Never lose the end of your tape again by attaching a paperclip to it.

alternative uses paperclip sticky tape

Using a rubber band makes it easier to give yourself a French manicure.

alternative uses rubber band manicure

If your scissors are blunt, sharpen them up by making some cuts in aluminum foil.

alternative uses foil sharpen

Place holiday ornaments in an old egg carton so they stay looking perfect for next year’s festivities.

alternative uses egg carton ornaments

Using a cheese grater is a quirky way to display jewelry.

alternative uses cheesegrater jewelry

When you cut off the top of a frozen food bag, don’t throw it away. Instead, use it to tie the bag closed.

alternative uses bag ties

Aluminum foil is great for cleaning glassware as well as for covering things while you’re painting.

alternative uses aluminum foil