Artist Uses Resin To Create Beautiful Mystical Worlds

Do you remember that famous amber cane from the movie Jurassic Park? Yes, that iconic resin cane that displays a prehistoric mosquito trapped within. Admit it, you were fascinated by it more than the film’s raptor chase scenes. You probably didn’t get enough of the enchanting effect of resin casting. But don’t worry, this certain artist will give you exactly what you want. Pat Rodriguez, an artist from Texas, posted his resin art on Twitter and people immediately took notice.

Aside from being a creative artist, Pat Rodriguez is also the Art Director for the anime-style web series RWBY Volume-3. He is also a voice actor who provided voices for minor characters from the same web series. At present, his fantastical resin artwork are making waves in the Twitterworld. From bewitching skull to tantalizing orbs and charming rings, Rodriguez is certainly making resin art more interesting.



resin bird skull




Out-of-This-World Artistry

His resin creations exude an air of mystery and somewhat otherworldly atmosphere. One look and you might think it was a product of wizardry. But everything is a product of his imagination and artistic skills, no magic involved.

The process involves precise measurements, carving, chemical compounds mixing, and polishing. And it usually takes him 6 to 8 hours to finish one piece. It may sound easy and simple but the work entails intricate detailing and precise rendering. Moreover, the wood may react differently to different types of resin compounds. So, the artist also learns which particular resin works best for a particular type of wood.




Pat takes pride in his impressive artworks but he’s definitely not done yet.

“And as far as something I’d like to add, I hope people see this and get inspired to create something new. To try and learn a new thing.” he said.

Here are some of his splendid resin creations and get ready to transport yourself to a mythical world.






resin egg


resin ring



Source: Twitter