Simple Beauty Secrets You Absolutely Must Know Now

Thanks to social media and the proliferation of the Internet, beauty tips can now be readily accessed (in their many thousands) by people all over the world. Despite this, it’s actually still pretty hard to find really good tips you didn’t already know about. Like, have you ever clicked open a beauty post promising to revolutionize your ‘look’ only to be disappointed to find tips that are either obvious, convoluted or too time consuming? If so, we think you’ll be glad that you opened this post because these 16 tricks and tips are awesome! Go on, share the beauty knowledge by sharing this post with all your friends! Take a look!

Whoever thought of this is a genius.

Upcycle an old toothbrush and transform it into a lip exfoliater!

Achieve the perfect eye ‘look’ by using a credit card, or piece of tape like this…

For extra smoky eyes, draw a hashtag symbol on the corner of your eyelid then blend away!

Want fuller looking lips? Simply apply white liner, as shown below to create the illusion of a fuller pout!

Drawing this pattern and then follow the steps below to create this gorgeous, picture perfect look!

Want the perfect cupid’s bow? Well, all you have to do is start with an ‘X’ and then follow the easy steps below…

Forgot to pack your eyeliner and kicking yourself? Don’t worry, as mascara can double as an emergency liner, all you need is a suitable brush!

Instantly achieve thicker looking lashes by applying baby powder in between coats of mascara!

Instantly expand and intensify your eye shadow palette. Simply fill in your eyelid with white eyeliner prior to applying your base color. Magic!

Use a cigarette lighter as shown below to create a DIY gel liner! Amazing results, but be careful!

No need to stress about whether you have lipstick on your teeth again. Place one finger in your mouth, wrap your lips around it and remove it again. It takes two seconds and will greatly reduce the chances of teeth stick embarrassment! 

Are you constantly needing to reapply your lipstick? Solve this issue by covering your (painted) lips with a tissue, before lightly dusting translucent powder across them. It really works!

Have you got a destroyed shimmer eye shadow? Mix it with some clear nail varnish to create your own shimmery polish and stand out from the crowd with your custom made product.

The best spots to make the most of your chosen fragrance!

When applying your concealer, always do it in a triangular shape as you see below. It totally makes your under-eye area look less dark!

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